♥ Recognize and appreciate the communicative value of English and the ability to learn to use it, showing an attitude of understanding and respect for other languages​​, their speakers and their culture.



♥ Develop the skills to understand and speak English so that students (a) to participate in conversations that occur in the exchange of information, ideas and thoughts with proper intonation, pronunciation and rhythm.
♥ Master the basic grammatical concepts of the English language, both theoretically and practically.


"My vocation as a teacher"

 ♥  I Sandra Milena Garcia Quintero, quize be always crave or preschool teacher, therefore, the decision to pursue further training in order to specialize in being a great teacher and project myself excellently with children (as), the which I give to fulfill my dream of becoming a teacher.
Besides, I always wanted to be a kindergarten teacher, because I like the call, I like teaching children (as), I am a loving person too, I have a lot of patience to children (as) and always love and to love you .. children (as) as if they were my children.

"Lo maravilloso  de la infancia es cualquier cosa es en ella una maravilla"Gilbert keith chesterton.

"Siempre hay un momento en la infancia en el  que se  abre una puerta y deja entrar al futuro"Graham Green.

"Los niños son el recurso más importante del mundo y la mejor esperanza para el futuro"John Fitzgerald Kennedy.