Know me !



My name is  Sandra Milena Quintero Garcia,I am  17 years old, I was born in Envigado,Antioquia January 18th 1996,in the Manuel Uribe Angel hospital.
My parents´ names:Guillermo Leon Quintero Lopez and Marte Dolly Garcia Arenas,I have a younger sister sh´s 12 years old,her name is Jennifer.
Since I was born,I have lived in Envigado.Currently I live in a neighborhood called Manuel Uribe Angel.
I feel proud of my town Envigado.
I studied my primary at the  Educational In Normal Superior of Envigado School.
I am studying in the Normal Superior De Envigado in grade 12,to teach preschool and elementary school,I hope to do a specialization degree in childhood Education,I really love imparting knowledge and that others can learn from me.
I have many projects to be a good preeschool teacher.
In my free time I like to listen to music and to share with my family too.
I like dancing, eating,going to movies,and especially I love teaching.


♥FIRST NAME:  Sandra Milena

♥LAST NAME: Quintero Garcia

♥AGE:17 years old

♥CITY: Envigado

♥COUNTRY: Colombia.

♥LANGUAJE: Spanish.